Elon Musk's SpaceX Allegedly Constructs Spy Satellites for US Intelligence

Elon Musk, the visionary behind SpaceX, has reportedly covertly employed Starlink technology to develop hundreds of spy satellites for the United States intelligence community, with a contract valued at $1.8 billion (approximately Rp 28.15 trillion).

According to Reuters, one of SpaceX's business units called Starshield signed a contract with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the US intelligence agency responsible for managing spy satellites, in 2021.

The plan to manufacture hundreds of spy satellites underscores SpaceX's close ties with US military and intelligence projects. Additionally, the Starshield project reveals substantial investments by the US Department of Defense, known as the Pentagon, in low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology to support US troops worldwide. Hundreds of spy satellites in low orbit have the capability to capture images of Earth's surface.

Sources informed Reuters that Starlink has launched dozens of prototype spy satellites since 2020 using SpaceX's Falcon 9 rockets. US government data shows several objects in orbit registered as SpaceX satellite missions, but these have never been disclosed by SpaceX or the US government.

The Pentagon has frequently collaborated with SpaceX, including through contracts to use Falcon 9 rockets to launch military logistics into space.

According to Reuters' sources, the spy satellite network is one of the US government's primary targets in developing space defense capabilities. The reason being, this system provides the fastest, most comprehensive, and continuous monitoring of activities across the Earth's surface.

"No one can hide," said one of Reuters' sources.

SpaceX currently operates thousands of LEO satellites through its subsidiary, Starlink, to provide satellite internet access to users worldwide. Reportedly, the Indonesian government plans to utilize Starlink as one of the internet providers in the new capital city in Kalimantan.

Reuters states that the Starshield Network will be separate from Starlink.

If this program materializes, the US government and military could quickly and easily locate and identify targets for attacks around the globe.

The operational schedule of SpaceX's spy satellites cannot be confirmed. Moreover, there is a possibility that other companies are collaborating with SpaceX on this project.

SpaceX did not respond to Reuters' request for confirmation. The Pentagon directed Reuters to seek confirmation from the NRO and SpaceX.

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